Need AC Repair Service in Rohini at an affordable rate? There can’t be a better AC Servicing Company in Delhi other than Indus Aircon. We at Indus Aircon have been providing AC repair services in Rohini for the last 10 years. In that time period, we have repaired thousands of ACs.

As we all are aware, how extreme the weather in Delhi is during summer, and it is very difficult to live a single day without AC in the hot summers of Delhi. During the summer season, it becomes very difficult to get a qualified AC technician near you as they would be getting a lot of inquiries.

AC Repair in Rohini
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We at Indus Aircon have designed the system in such a way that you will get your AC repaired on the same day in Rohini, Delhi. What are the benefits you will get if you get your AC serviced by us?

Best AC Repair in Rohini

Indus Aircon is the number one ranked AC repair company in Rohini. If you search on Google, you will find our website. Being a reputed AC service providing company, we are well aware of customer pain points.

I would like to add one thing. We are not a third party that helps you to connect with AC technicians in Rohini. We have our own staff who will visit your home and service the AC.

Nowadays, a lot of third-party websites have come up that work on the commission model. They will send some amateur technicians so that they can get a better commission. But at Indus Aircon, all of our staff is in-house.

Trained AC Technicians in Rohini

All of our staff is highly trained in all kinds of AC work. In fact, all of our AC technicians have to go through mandatory 6 months of training. During that period, they work with our head technicians and learn the ins and outs of AC repair.

The average experience of AC technicians at Indus Aircon is 3 years. So you can understand what kind of service you will get.

3 Months of Warranty For AC Service in Rohini

We at Indus Aircon have a policy of providing a 3-month warranty on all kinds of AC repair services in Delhi.

If you take AC servicing from us, then you don’t have to run behind the AC technicians if the same problem arises again. We have observed that the most common problem is if you book AC repair service from a third-party website.

In their case, AC technicians will not revisit as they get very little money from the company. Those companies charge very high commissions, and AC technicians get very little money.

24×7 AC Repair in Delhi

Indus Aircon is the only company in Delhi that provides AC Repair Services in Rohini. As we all are well aware of how difficult it is in Delhi to live without AC. If you are booking an AC repair service at night, then night charges will be applicable. For more details, you can call and talk with our Technicians.

Genuine AC Parts

We at Indus Aircon use genuine parts to fix the problems your AC might be facing. We strongly believe that building trust with our customers is good for the long-term growth of our business. We mostly try to use make-in-India AC parts and provide a warranty on that.

As we are well aware if we use third-class spare parts, then they are not going to last, and they will also damage our reputation as a leading AC repair company in Rohini.

Comprehensive AC Repair Service

First, our technicians will completely diagnose the AC, and then they will start the Repair Work. Many times we have observed that AC will be having more than 1 issue. So to work properly in the future, we will do comprehensive AC Repair.

For AC servicing, we use a Jet Pump and surfactants for deep servicing. As we are well aware the weather in Delhi is very windy in summer and a lot of dust particles accumulate in outdoor units. 

What kind of AC Repair Service we Provide

Window AC Repair in Rohini

Window AC has a single unit and is very prone to getting dust particles in it. It needs servicing from time to time to operate properly. The most common problems in window ACs are not cooling, making noise, etc.

We at Indus Aircon have very good AC technicians who can repair and service your window AC in Rohini. You just give us a call and talk with a technician.

Split AC Service in Rohini

Split AC has two units, indoor and outdoor. For the proper functioning of Split AC, you have to service both units. Servicing split AC is more time-consuming and needs extra instruments. As a result, it is a little bit more costly as compared to Window AC.

If you need any kind of Split AC servicing in Rohini, just give us a call. We will repair the AC on the same day.

Cost of AC Repair in Rohini

AC Repair in Rohini starts from Rs 500 and goes up to Rs 2000, depending upon the problems your AC might be facing. After proper diagnosis, we will be able to tell the exact cost of repair.


What is the Cost of Voltas AC Repair in Rohini?

Voltas AC is one of the most affordable ACs and needs the least maintenance as compared to other brands. Voltas AC Repair in Rohini will cost you around Rs 900, and it can be done on the same day, given that it is not the PCB that is having issues.

What are the areas we cover in Rohini?

We provide AC Service all over Delhi on the same day. We cover all the sectors of Rohini.

AC repair and Service in Rohini Sector 16, AC repair and Service in Rohini Sector 24.

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