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If you are looking for excellent AC service in Dwarka, then there can’t be a better place than Indus Aircon. We at Indus Aircon have been providing AC repairing services in Dwarka for the last 10 years, and in this time period, we have repaired and serviced more than 5 thousand ACs.

There are many factors that make Indus Aircon stand out among all other AC repair companies in Dwarka.

AC Service in Dwarka at an affordable rate:

We at Indus Aircon believe in transparent pricing and try to provide our AC servicing at a low cost in Dwarka. We believe in long-term business, and we think that is only possible if we can provide our services at suitable prices.

You will find that our AC servicing charges in Dwarka are more affordable as compared to other AC repair companies because we don’t work with any third party. We have our own team of AC technicians, and they work full-time with us.

Most other AC repair companies in Dwarka work with third-party vendors, meaning they don’t have their own AC technicians. Instead, they work on a commission model. We are not a marketplace, and as a result, we’re able to provide AC repair service in Dwarka at very affordable prices.

If you book AC servicing in Dwarka from other websites, what they will do is contact an AC technician in Dwarka and send them to your home. For doing that, they will keep 20% of whatever amount they charge you.

Three months of warranty:

Indus Aircon is one of the very few AC repair services in Dwarka that provides a three-month warranty when all others are not even offering a warranty of a single day. We can do this because we work directly with the customers and send our own AC technicians. If you book from any aggregating website, the AC technician is unlikely to provide any kind of warranty since they are already paid very little, and the company keeps a significant commission.

In our case, if anything happens with your AC during that time period, anything at all, if the problem resurfaces, then our AC technician will visit again and fix the problem at no cost.

Highly experienced AC technicians in Dwarka:

At Indus Aircon, the average experience of an AC technician is more than 3 years. Our AC technicians are highly experienced and able to resolve any kind of issue your AC may be facing. They receive proper training from time to time to upgrade their skills. What’s more, all our AC technicians have to undergo 6 months of training regardless of their previous experience.

So, what kind of AC service do we provide in Dwarka Mor?

Currently, we offer all kinds of AC services in Dwarka Mor. In fact, in most cases, our AC technician will visit your home within 1 hour after booking the service. You just need to give us a call and book your service.

Window AC service in Dwarka:

Window ACs contain a single unit and require slightly less servicing compared to split ACs. They are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. However, due to the extreme weather conditions in Delhi, they need proper servicing from time to time. One common problem with window ACs is that they start making noise once dust particles accumulate inside. If you don’t service your window AC on time, it will not only increase your electricity bill but also damage other main parts of your AC, potentially costing you a lot of money in the long term.

Split AC service in Dwarka:

Split ACs have both indoor and outdoor units and both need proper servicing. Experienced AC technicians are essential for servicing split ACs. At Indus Aircon, we provide the best AC servicing in Dwarka using proper lubricating agents to clean and protect your AC from rusting. We use modern techniques such as jet pumps and proper dusting agents to increase the lifespan of your AC.

AC installation in Dwarka:

If you’ve purchased a new AC or recently moved and need AC installation in Dwarka, there’s no better place than Indus Aircon. AC installation is an art that can only be done by highly experienced AC technicians. Improper installation can lead to future problems. We can install all kinds of ACs in Dwarka, whether it’s a split AC or a window AC. Just give us a call at [Phone Number] for installation services.

Affordable AC Repair in Dwarka:

Getting your AC repaired at an affordable price during the summer season in Delhi can be challenging. ACs typically run for only 4 to 6 months, and not many technicians are willing to do this work because it’s not a constant source of income. In some cases, the waiting time for AC repair in Dwarka can go up to 45 days. However, at Indus Aircon, you can get your AC repaired on the same day. We can do this because we have a large network of home appliance services in Dwarka and Delhi.

24/7 AC service in Dwarka Sector 7:

You won’t find any other company providing 24/7 AC servicing in Dwarka Sector 7. Only Indus Aircon offers this kind of service in Dwarka. So, if you need to fix your AC, even at night, just give us a call. Please note that additional charges may apply for nighttime service.

But are we limited to Dwarka Sector 7 only? No, we provide AC service in Dwarka Sector 12 and Dwarka Sector 27 as well. However, night services are currently available only in the daytime for these areas.

What is the cost of AC repair in Dwarka?

AC repair service in Dwarka starts from Rs 700 and goes up to Rs 1700, depending on the work your AC requires. It may also depend on the brand of your AC, as some branded ACs have more expensive components than others.

You can book the best AC repair service in Dwarka on the same day.

How often should you service your AC in Dwarka?

It is generally recommended to service your AC at least once a year. The climate in Delhi is very dusty in the summer, and a lot of dust particles can accumulate in your AC. This reduces the efficiency of your AC and increases your electricity bill. Servicing your AC at least once a year can extend its lifespan and reduce your electricity bill.

What is the cost of AC installation in Dwarka:

The cost of split AC installation in Dwarka is Rs 1300, and the window AC installation in Dwarka is Rs 700. Other factors may also be involved, such as the brand of your AC and the experience of the technician. For more details, you can contact us at [Phone Number].

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