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Best AC Service in Delhi by Indus Aircon

Is your AC facing any kind of problem and not cooling properly? Well, don’t worry; you are in the right place.

We at Indus Aircon have been providing the best AC Repair services in Delhi for the last 10 years. In that time period, we repaired and serviced more than 10k ACs.

We understand the customers’ pain points very well, and accordingly, we provide AC Repairing Services.

There are many factors that make a particular AC repair Company stand out from others.

 So what makes Indus Aircon one of the best AC Servicing Companies in Delhi?

Experienced AC Technicians in Delhi

We at Indus Aircon have a rule that all of our AC technicians have to go through mandatory 9-month training before starting to fix customers’ ACs. Even if a particular AC technician has experience, that particular technician still has to do training.

During that time period, they work as helpers for our main technician and learn everything from Installation of AC to Servicing, repairing, Gas Filling etc.All of our technicians have more than 3 years of experience.

100% Genuine Parts

Considering how costly electricity has become nowadays, it’s crucial to use quality parts while doing AC Repair work; otherwise, they may increase your electricity bill. Not only that, sometimes those parts hardly work for just 6 months.

We at Indus Aircon provide the best AC repair services in Delhi on the sole principle of 100% customer satisfaction, which is only possible if we use 100% genuine parts.

90 Days of Warranty Period

Indus Aircon is providing 90 days of warranty if anything happens to your AC after the servicing is done by us. In most cases, your AC will run very smoothly, but if it faces even a minor issue, a technician will revisit and check your AC.

Use of Proper Lubricants and Jet Pump

We are one of the very few AC servicing companies in Delhi NCR that uses proper lubricants to service your AC. If the servicing of AC is done without proper lubricants, it doesn’t improve its efficiency that much.

Apart from that, we also use a Jet Pump for deep cleaning your AC. By doing that, you can increase the lifespan of an air conditioner.

Timely Service 

In most cases, Indus Aircon will try to service or repair your AC in Delhi on the same day. As we have enough talent pool with us, we are able to provide timely service to our customers.

As we are already aware, in the hot summer, it becomes very difficult to live without AC in Delhi. You can call 8851448238 and talk with our expert technicians; he will guide you on whether your AC can be fixed on the same day or not. In most cases, we will be able to resolve the issue on the same day. But if you need AC PCB repair work in Delhi, then it may take one day as it is a little bit tedious process. For that, we have to open your AC and then take your PCB with us and repair it at our shop.

10+ Years of Experience 

As I already mentioned, we have been providing AC repair services in Delhi for over 10 years. In that time period, we have been able to understand all kinds of problems an AC can have. Our technicians are able to repair all kinds of ACs in Delhi, whether they are inverter ACs or non-inverter ACs.

Getting good AC technicians is a tough task. During the peak time of hot summer, most technicians will try to fix your air conditioner in a hurry as they get a lot of inquiries. However, we don’t do that. We properly diagnose your AC and then fix it. These are the steps that make Indus Aircon one of the best air conditioner repair companies in Delhi. 

Services offered by AC Repair in Delhi

Window AC Repair in Delhi

We provide window AC Repair Services in Delhi at an affordable rate. Window AC has only one unit which is put in the window. Repairing window AC is a little bit easier as compared to split AC. Due to this getting a window AC repaired in Delhi will cost you less as compared to split AC.

Split AC Repair in Delhi

Split AC has mainly two units. One of them is placed inside the room and the other is placed outside. Repairing a split AC in Delhi will cost you more as compared to a window AC because for repairing a split AC you have to check both the units. It is more time-consuming and will need more instruments and spare parts.

Our technicians can repair both windows as well as split AC. You just give us a call.

Window AC Service in Delhi

Is your window AC not cooling properly or is it making a lot of noise? Then it needs proper servicing. As the environment of Delhi is very windy in summer and sometimes a lot of dust particles get accumulated in it.

After thorough inspections by our technicians, we will be able to fix your AC and make it run smoothly again.

Split AC Service in Delhi

Split AC requires a little bit more servicing as compared to the window AC. In the case of split AC, we have to service both the indoor and outdoor parts of the AC.

For proper servicing, we use a Jet Pump and proper chemicals. Just give us a call for the best AC servicing in Delhi.

AMC plan for AC servicing in Delhi

We provide an annual maintenance plan for all kinds of AC repair and service work in Delhi. If you have many ACs and need servicing from time to time, then you can buy our AMC plan. The pricing for the AMC plan completely depends on the number of ACs you have. For more details, you can give us a call.

The problems your AC may have been facing

Is it making Noise?

This is a more common problem in window ACs as compared to split ACs. There can be 2-3 factors attributed to this. One of them can be the accumulation of a lot of dust particles inside your air conditioner.

The second factor can be issues with the motor. Either it should be replaced or properly oiled depending on its working condition. This should be done by a professional technician.

The other third factor due to which it may be making noise can be some loose or broken parts.

Is your AC not cooling properly and blowing hot air?

If your AC is not cooling properly and blowing hot air, then there is a very high probability that it is low on gas and it needs a refill.We can do that at a very affordable rate. You Can Call us For AC Gas Filling.

Your AC is leaking water

This happens if the drainage system of your AC is clogged, and water is trying to come out from another way. It mainly happens due to the accumulation of dust particles or fungus. In that situation, you should get your AC serviced as soon as possible.

AC Service charges in delhi

AC Service in Delhi starts from Rs 500 and goes up to Rs 1200 depending upon the work your AC requires. If it needs normal servicing, then charges will be on the lower end, and for the deep cleaning of your AC, it will be on the higher side.

We at Indus Aircon charge Rs 750 for AC servicing in Delhi. We use proper equipment and chemicals for proper servicing of your AC.

Split AC service charges Delhi

Split AC service charges in Delhi are between Rs 600 and Rs 1500 depending upon the work your AC requires. We at Indus Aircon provide split AC service in Delhi at Rs 800.

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What are the Brands for Which we provide AC service in Delhi?

LG AC Repair in Delhi

Voltas AC Repair in Delhi

Hitachi AC Repair in Delhi

Panasonic AC Repair in Delhi

Bluestar AC Repair in Delhi


Is foam cleaning good for AC?

Yes, foam cleaning is very good for AC. It helps in cleaning your AC faster and thoroughly. In fact, if your AC technicians are not using foam for servicing your AC, then you should ask for it.


In areas like Delhi, a lot of dust particles get accumulated inside the AC during windy days. By using foam, you can increase the lifespan of your AC.

How many times should AC be serviced in a year in Delhi?

AC should be serviced at least once a year for proper functioning and durability. If you don’t service your AC on time, then it may increase your electricity bill as well.

When should I fill my AC gas?

Technically, gas in your AC should last for 10-12 years. But that is never the case. Due to drastic temperature changes in the environment nowadays, most air conditioners face leakage problems. So it is advisable to check with your technician. Another noticeable factor that you observe is if your AC is not cooling, then it means it is low on gas and you should refill.

Does Indus Aircon provide same-day AC servicing in Delhi?

Yes, we at Indus Aircon do provide same-day AC servicing in Delhi. You just give us a call and talk with our technician for more details.

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