Looking for AC installation in Delhi? You are at the right place; we at Indus Aircon have been providing AC installation and uninstallation services in Delhi for the last 10 years. In that period, we have installed and uninstalled more than 2500 ACs.

AC installation in Delhi
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What kind of AC installation service do we provide in Delhi?

Split AC Installation in Delhi

We have highly experienced AC technicians who can install your AC properly without cluttering things.

One of the major problems many homeowners face is the improper installation of AC. Some AC technicians who are not properly trained will make a lot of holes in the wall without properly observing the wall and AC installation place.

Our technicians are highly trained and professional. They can install your unit without these kinds of problems. Apart from that, our AC technicians have at least three years of experience.

Split AC contains two units: one is the indoor unit, and the other is the outdoor unit. The process of split AC installation is more tedious and time-consuming than window AC, as it requires the installation of both units.

Another thing that should be kept in mind while fitting a split AC is the creation of a proper vacuum, which many technicians do not do. As a result, AC gas may leak, and you would have to refill the AC gas again, which can cost you another 3000 rupees.

Our technicians keep all these things in mind during AC installation.

Split AC installation charges in Delhi

Split AC installation charges in Delhi start from Rs 600 and go up to Rs 1800, depending on your brand of split AC. For some brands, AC installation is more tedious. At Indus Aircon, we charge Rs 1500 for AC fitting in Delhi.

Let me clarify: the abovementioned cost is only for AC installation in Delhi, assuming you have all the necessary wires and parts. If we have to provide these parts from our side, then there will be extra charges for those spare parts. For example, 1 meter of copper wire will cost Rs 900, and a Split AC stand will cost you Rs 500.

Window AC installation in Delhi

Window AC installation requires proper expertise and experience for proper installation. The AC technician should be able to take proper measurements to ensure the AC fits properly.

You can call us at 8851448238 for Window AC installation in Delhi. Currently, we are providing same-day Window AC installation service in Delhi.

Window AC installation charges in Delhi

Window AC installation charges in Delhi start from Rs 500 and go up to Rs 1000, depending on the AC technician’s expertise and the AC unit’s brand. We are providing Window AC installation in Delhi at a very affordable rate. For more details, you can talk to our technicians.

AC Uninstallation Charges in Delhi

Service Cost
Window AC Uninstallation
Rs 450
Split AC Uninstallation
Rs 650

Why Choose Indus Aircon for AC Installation or Uninstallation in Delhi

Same Day Service

In most cases, Indus Aircon provides all kinds of AC services in Delhi on the same day. 90% of inquiries get same-day service. If you want to know more, you can call us at 8851448238. 

10+ Years of Experience

Indus Aircon has been in the AC servicing and repairing field for the last ten years and has earned a reputation in the market.

3 Months of Warranty

Indus Aircon provides a 3-month warranty on all types of AC work. If your AC faces any problem during that period, our technicians will revisit your home and fix the issue.

24×7 AC Installation Service in Delhi

Are you shifting homes, only available at night, and can’t sleep without AC? Don’t worry. We at Indus Aircon provide 24×7 AC installation in Delhi. Just give us a call and book the technician.

Brands for Which We Provide AC Installation Services in Delhi

Our technicians are capable of installing all kinds of ACs. Whether you have Hitachi, Voltas, Blue Star, LG, Panasonic, etc., we can install these branded ACs.

What Areas We Cover in Delhi?

We provide AC fitting services all over Delhi, including North Delhi, South Delhi, Laxmi Nagar, Karol Bagh, GTB Nagar, Connaught Place, Janakpuri, etc.

Tips for Maintaining the Longevity of Your AC

Keep cleaning your AC from time to time. As the environment in Delhi is very windy during summer, many dust particles accumulate in your AC. This will not only decrease the efficiency of your AC but also increase your electricity bill.

Another thing to keep in mind is servicing your AC regularly. Regular servicing can increase the lifespan of your AC and provide fresh, cool air. Accumulation of insects in the AC unit can sometimes cause bad smells.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Voltas AC installation charges in Delhi?

Voltas AC installation cost in Delhi is around Rs 1400, depending on your AC type. If it’s a window AC, the cost will be lower; if it’s a Split AC, the cost will be higher.

Is it worth it to install an AC?

Yes, it is worth installing an AC. Due to extreme changes in the Delhi weather, it’s very hot in summer and cold in winter.

Cheapest AC installation in Delhi

The cheapest AC installation in Delhi starts from Rs 800. However, we always recommend hiring a well-trained AC technician; otherwise, you may spend more money in the long term on various issues.

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